Time flies when you move your family across the country and start a whole new life

So. Yeah. It’s been a while. In my last post, back in December of 2017 (yikes), I also lamented that it had been a long time since my previous “last post” and gave a quick list of life updates and promised more soon.

And then almost three years went by. And a LOT happened. A good deal of it was actually blog-worthy, but honestly I didn’t have the time or energy to write it all out. To be even more honest, I am not sure I completely have the time and energy to start writing again, but here I am. And this time, I fully intend to keep writing, keep documenting my evolution as a working mom. Because it’s constantly a work-in-progress.

Since we’ve all been doing a lot of binge-watching in this time of Covid, i’ll give you a quick and dirty recap of the past three years (holy shit how can it have been that long?!?!) and then we’ll move on to the next “season” of this shitshow together.



  • Buddy turned ONE.
  • I spent a whole lot of time being sick, puzzling a bunch of doctors, including a team of gastroenterologists, and finally discovered I had SIBO or Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and finally got treatment.
  • I turned 40! Started wearing prescription reading glasses. And had the best birthday/going away party (see next bullet) ever.
  • Left my job of 4 years and my home state of about 12 years (California) to take a leap of faith and move my family to Atlanta to be closer to family and be able to afford a nice house in a good school district and just basically hit the refresh button on life.
  • Found our dream house in a suburb outside of Atlanta and moved in a few days before Christmas.


  • Found an amazing preschool for buddy.
  • Buddy turned TWO!
  • Took a parents-only trip to Vegas, leaving Buddy with my parents and brother — the first time we left him for more than a day or two. Saw Robbie Williams at the Wynn and even got to meet him! If you remember what a big fan J is, this was a VERY. BIG. DEAL.
  • Spent the summer back “home” in Los Angeles, thanks to J’s job.
  • Did some freelance book editing.
  • Got a new full time job at CNN. (also a very big deal!)
  • Turned 41. Started wearing glasses full-time.


  • Got my first BOOK DEAL! (HAPPY NEW YEAR!)
  • Buddy turned THREE – had his first ever birthday party at a local farm (toddlers and animals = cuteness overload), and then one week later everything changed. Because Covid.
  • Adapted/still adapting to the new not-so-normal of working from home full time with no childcare.
  • My parents moved to Georgia! They now live 8 minutes away by car. Having them here helps a little bit with the childcare issue, but they are by no means expected to be full-time babysitters.
  • Turned 42. Had pizza and cake at home with J, Buddy, and my parents.
  • VOTED.

I think that brings us up to date.


Big, exciting BOOK NEWS coming TOMORROW! Plus more updates, more often. I PROMISE.

Thanks for sticking around. And if you’re new, WELCOME!


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