I wrote a book!

So, in my last post, the “quick-and-dirty” update of my life over the past 3 years, I mentioned that earlier this year I scored my very first book deal. Well, I am happy to announce the upcoming release of my first book!

My book, The Working Mom’s Handbook: A Survival Guide For Returning To Work After Having A Baby will be released on December 1 (YES, of THIS YEAR!) and is available for pre-order now! Here’s a sneak peek at the cover!

This year has been… a lot. For all of us. 2020 started out so well for me. I signed the book deal at the end of January, and started writing in February. I was busier than ever, with my full time job, my family, and book writing, but I had it all figured out. With Buddy being in preschool half the day, my work hours being 6am-2:30pm – giving me afternoons to be with my kiddo, and the help of a part time babysitter a couple of days a week after school for writing sessions, PLUS a healthy dose of insomnia, I had a schedule and plan that worked for me. I was tired, but excited about all the things to come.

And then March came and suddenly J and I were both working from home with no childcare options, and I still had a book to finish writing. The experience of being a working mom and writing about how to be a working mom, while under less than ideal circumstances, definitely made its way into the book. I couldn’t write a book in a time of crisis, with all of the anxiety and additional challenges that come with it, and NOT include that piece. To be clear, this book is NOT about parenting during a pandemic, but it definitely touches on the issues of being a working parent in survival mode.

I don’t let myself say this too often, but I’m incredibly proud of the work I put into this project, and eternally grateful to all of the incredible people who held me up and supported me, gave me feedback, and kept me sane throughout this whole process. I really do have the greatest family and friends a person could wish for.

So that’s my big news! I’m sure this won’t be the last you’ll be hearing about this book (sorry, not sorry), but I promise this site won’t be all book promos all the time.

And now I need to get some rest so I can get up at 5am to try to sneak in a quick workout before working in the (virtual) newsroom on Election Day.


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